Talks Christmas

Time for a New Year's resolution?

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Nicolai August Hagen

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Thank you for joining our calendar this December. We truly hope you have gotten inspired by our reflections, ideas and learnings. Now, it's Christmas Eve, and the story of Cinderella will soon reveal itself once again. Relax.

During December, we hope to have given you a tiny spark in the back of your head. Share more with others, try presenting more, in the year to come. We promise you that it will be worth it!

And if you are afraid of presenting, know that almost every man or woman is! If you're not sure, rewind and take a stroll down memory lane and look back at our own experiences and reflections on stage fright and how you can cope with it in any of these hatches

Hein in: "How to cope with stage fright"

Hein in: "How I stopped worrying and started to love holding presentations."

Jens Andreas in: "Hack your paleolithic mind to overcome stage fright "

Julia in: "Tips & tricks staying calm on stage"

Jøran in: "Fear, loathing and uneasy love: how experimentation taught me to enjoy public speaking"

Hong Nhung in: "Visualization to cope with stage fright (part 1)"

Hong Nhung in: "Visualization to cope with stage fright (part 2)"

Or just enjoy the laughs from the old classic from Don McMillan "Life After Death by PowerPoint";

Happy holidays, everyone!

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